What I’m Working On:

  • Learning Sketch
  • Brushing up on Google Analytics and Adwords
  • Remodeling my house

Hi there! I'm Sherry.
I live to create.

I love to travel. So far, my favorite destination is Ireland. Driving on the other side of the road was a fun experience!

My hobbies include woodwork, refinishing furniture, building things, card making and watching Netflix with my dog, Murdoc – he has his own instagram :).

I am a sucker for puns. The worst best one is probably the Cheez-It commercial with the pickle. I don’t know why but every single time I see it, I die laughing.

For additional information about my education and experiences, please check out my resume (PDF).


Art Institutes International – Kansas City – 2011
I graduated with an Associates in Graphic Design.

University of Missouri Kansas City – 2008
I graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Sociology.

About Twenty-One Picas

Twenty-One Picas, LLC started in 2012 as a freelance design company. The name comes from my favorite number, 21, and picas is a measurement in design, mostly used in print. Fun fact, there are 12 pixels in a pica and if you reverse 12 it’s 21!

My experience involves working with non-profits, societies, sports entities, small businesses and agencies.

For web, I primarily work with WordPress but I am always up for a challenge and love to learn new things. Although I am not a developer by any means, I do have extensive knowledge on HTML and CSS basics.

I have worked with a variety of companies, large and small. The majority of which were through Fresh ID, when I worked there as a creative director, art director and graphic designer. When Fresh ID temporarily closed, some of the retaining clients were transferred to me and I did work as Twenty-One Picas.  You can view my portfolio of work here. However, if you’d like detailed information on some of the pieces, you can view them on the Fresh ID website. Kristi Colvin has since re-established Fresh ID and continues to do excellent work.

I would love to chat with you about the work I’ve done or what I can do for you and your company. Just shoot me a message here.

Clients/Companies I Have Worked With

  • AMC Theatres*
  • Amy Jacobsen
  • Bird Dog Classic
  • Dream Factory of Kansas City
  • EyeVerify
  • InSight Counseling
  • Kansas City Chiefs**
  • Kyoto Restaurant
  • Luna Java
  • Meers Advertising**
  • MOSCA***
  • Premier Studios*
  • REbeL***
  • Sporting Innovations**
  • Sporting Kansas City**
  • Summit Marketing*
  • True North Consulting

*Contracted Work with Agencies
**Under Fresh ID
***Pro Bono


I am currently available for freelance or hire, contact me.